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Caughey second in World SuperBoat championship

Jan 30, 2016

Defending World SuperBoat champion Peter Caughey is philosophical about handing the title trophy over to rival Glen Head. After all, at least a Kiwi won – and in a Sprintec boat Caughey built. “From where we started and where we were last night, with engine gremlins with the fuel pump and the boat not really dialled into the track, to where…

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Caughey calling airlines in hunt for world title

Jan 27, 2016

Defending world SuperBoat champion Peter Caughey is calling airlines and calling in favours in a bid to get a vital part to New Zealand before the flag drops on the final round of this year’s ENZED UIM World Jetsprint Championship at Baypark. A malfunctioning fuel pump sucked power from his boat at Meremere’s round last…

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Kiwis defend World SuperBoat title on home turf

Jan 21, 2016

World SuperBoat champion Peter Caughey will defend his title in New Zealand this year, with round one of the ENZED UIM Jetsprint World Championship at Meremere on January 23 and 24. Ross and Jeremy – his spannermen – are towing the boat on its custom-built Trojan trailer onto the ferry today, world champion navigator Shama Putaranui is polishing the trophy she’ll carry north…

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Caughey’s victorious comeback

Dec 27, 2015

SuperBoat ace Peter Caughey returned with a bang at round two of the Suzuki SuperBoat champs at Whanganui today. With just 10 days to rebuild his boat and body after a spectacular round-one crash, his ability to return to form was by no means certain. The Sprintec hull had needed reshaping, had its driver side cut out and replaced, and a…

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Caughey back on track for NZ champs after round-one crash

Dec 26, 2015

World SuperBoat champion Peter Caughey and navigator Shama Putaranui are on the road to round two of the Suzuki SuperBoat championships in Whanganui on December 27, despite the massive crash at round one which looked set to knock the ENZED boat out of contention. He’s healing well despite massive bruising and infected scrapes on his legs, and Shama’s shiner healed very quickly, but…

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Caughey shakes, rattles and rolls at SuperBoat opener

Dec 12, 2015

Canterbury SuperBoat racer Peter Caughey shook, rattled and rolled at the opening round of the Suzuki New Zealand SuperBoat series at Meremere on December 12. The seven-time NZ SuperBoat champ was launching a much reworked monster motor and jet unit, and logged the fastest time of the day during the qualifying rounds, with a 44.284-second…

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Caughey aims high at SuperBoat opener

Dec 10, 2015

World SuperBoat champion Peter Caughey is pumped just hours before he leaves his Canterbury home base en route for the opening round of the Suzuki New Zealand SuperBoat series at Meremere on December 12. “ENZED and Total are confirmed back on board as sponsors for the season and the world champs, heading into the biggest…

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Nail-biting final ends in second for Caughey

Apr 27, 2015

After a dramatic season in which defending SuperBoat champion Peter Caughey raced three boats in six rounds, the Canterbury racer ended the Suzuki SuperBoat jetsprint season in a solid second place. The current world champion is more used to topping the podium, but he was quick to pay tribute to season winner, Pat Dillon. “To win the series after winning only…

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Caughey takes SuperBoat season to the wire

Apr 23, 2015

Defending SuperBoat champion Peter Caughey is taking the 2015 Suzuki SuperBoat championship down to the wire, and not just for season points. His mighty motor broke a crank at round one, and he’s raced a leased boat while the engine’s been at the builder ever since, as parts and orders have flown between Auckland and the USA. But it looks as if he’ll…

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Highs and lows for Caughey at semi-final

Apr 5, 2015

Defending SuperBoat champion Peter Caughey was celebrating a win for a Sprintec boat at the penultimate round of the New Zealand Suzuki SuperBoat championships at Wanaka on April 4. But it wasn’t his own craft – due out of the workshop next week over three months after its engine blew at the championship season’s opening round. It was Rob Coley who won the…

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Team Results

Seven times World Champions

1990*, 1992*, 2001, 2002, 2008, 2009, 2014

11 times New Zealand Champions

1990*, 1991*, 2002, 2004, 2005, 2006, 2007, 2013, 2014, 2016, 2017
* Open B Class


The close knit team, based in North Canterbury, has competed very successfully both in National and International events and is proud to be associated with the following sponsors.

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The Sport

Jetsprinting was first developed in Canterbury, New Zealand during the early 1980’s.  From humble beginnings competing on courses excavated in gravel river beds the sport has quickly developed into purpose built stadium type venues.  A jetsprint course consists of a series of channels about 5 metres wide with water barely ½ metre deep.

The boats make approx. 30 directional changes taking anything from about 50 seconds to 60 seconds to complete the course and have a two person crew, driver and navigator running individually against the clock.  Spectators love the action, they also love the spectacular crashes when boats hit the bank at high speed and get tossed,  sometimes spinning in the air before crashing back on the islands built between the channels of the course.

The PCR team compete in Superboat class, there are two other classes in which competitors can race. For information about the classes visit